About Us

The Mission Verde Alliance hosts clean technology forums yearly.We live in a world of volatile energy prices, increasingly scarce resources, vigorous world competition, and technological innovation. Such rapid changes touch the lives of every San Antonian. How we respond to these changes will define us as a city and determine the quality of our lives and our economic fate. The Mission Verde Alliance speaks to this challenge. We believe in meeting our needs today and yet not compromising the ability of future generations of San Antonians to meet their needs. This is sustainability. It is more than solely an environmental policy, it is an economic one too.


San Antonio’s clean tech economy has already begun to form. Many of the elements for a successful, vibrant, and sustainable economy are present in San Antonio. Some of the key elements are the nationally recognized leadership of former Mayor Julian Castro, the commitment from CPS Energy to aggressively pursue clean energy solutions and be a driver of the “New Energy Economy”, and along with many leading public and private stakeholders in our community to foster economic and environmental sustainability.

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